Office-based risk assessment template

If you have staff working in an office, you have a legal duty to carry out an office safety risk assessment.

While risk assessments must focus on each specific workplace, an office risk assessment will look to identify risks that come with working in an office environment.

That’s why we’ve come up with a free office risk assessment template to help you familiarise yourself with this aspect of health and safety compliance.

Our office risk assessment checklist examines common risks that affect office workers. One such risk relates to display screen equipment and it’s important to include any relevant office equipment in risk assessments.  

Office risk assessment template

There are three key steps in carrying out an office health and safety risk assessment:

  • Identify the hazards.
  • Assess the risks.
  • Develop control measures to guard against the risks and hazards.

Overview of an office risk assessment

Along with the template, understanding a basic office risk assessment checklist provides the basis for your workplace inspection. Some issues to consider are:

  • How you can manage customers and/or visitors arriving at your office.
  • The use of office equipment, including computers, printers, and photocopiers.
  • Workstation set up.
  • Rest breaks.

Using this template

To access this free office risk assessment checklist template, click on the download icon on this page.

As an office risk assessment example, it highlights risk categories that typically arise in office environments.

Remember you should modify this office health and safety risk assessment template to use for your own business’ specific requirements.

If you are unsure about health and safety concerns, it’s always best to seek professional health and safety advice.

Health and safety compliance is a difficult area for business owners. Carrying out risk assessments and putting the proper documentation in place is vital to avoid sanctions from the Health and Safety Authority and other enforcement bodies.

As you want to concentrate on running your business, let our expert team handle health and safety compliance for you. Peninsula clients get access to 24/7 advice from health and safety specialists who know exactly how to get your risk assessment right.

And if you’re not yet a client, you can still enjoy a free advice call from one of our business experts. Simply call us on 1890 252 923

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