Staff Behaviour

Is poor staff behaviour affecting your business? Employment laws protect your employees against unfair treatment but with the right advice, you can handle this tricky scenario in a firm but fair manner. 

Poor employee behaviour and performance can affect an entire workforce. It’s often hard to know what to do as an employer which is why our HR advisors deal with these situations every day.

A problematic employee could raise employer questions such as:

  • What is the cause of their poor performance?
  • Are they still completing their duties?
  • Should they be dismissed?
  • Has the employee any previous warnings?
  • How do I rectify the situation?

When we’re asked these questions, our advice is based on years of experience of handling these issues which we’ve included in this free guide.

Download this free guide to learn more about: 

  • Common poor performance scenarios
  • Managing poor performance
  • Employee evaluations
  • Investigating the reasons for poor performance
  • The importance of fair procedures

If you would like further complementary advice on staff behaviour from an expert, our advisors are ready to take your call any time day or night. Call us on 0818 923 923 or request a callback here.

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