Exit Interviews Advice Guide

16 April 2019
These are interviews carried out by an employer, or on behalf of an employer, with an employee who is departing the business. There is significant value as an employer in holding exit interviews when a member of staff leaves. No one likes to lose good staff. It is obviously in an employer’s interests to work out why an employee has decided to leave the organisation in order to monitor performance in this area and see what improvements can be made in the future.   There are many reasons why employers leave including remuneration and benefits, career progression, family problems, travel difficulties and so on. If an employer can find out the true reasons, it may be possible to retain staff by improving the terms of their contract or their working conditions. Also by holding an exit interview when an employee leaves, trends and themes may emerge which can help an organisation to learn lessons and put in place measures to minimise losing valued employees in the future. In addition, exit interviews are an excellent method of uncovering and potentially resolving any unspoken grievances of the leaving employee which may have resulted in employment litigation in the future.

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