Terms and Conditions Advice Guide

16 April 2019

The terms and conditions are the written particulars that define the essential elements of an employment contract or the relationship between an employer and employee.

In accordance with Section 4 of the Terms of Employment (Information) Act, 1994, an employer must issue an employee with a Statement of their Main Terms of Employment within two months from the date their employment commenced.

This Statement must contain details of the following terms and conditions:

  • The full names of the employer and the employee.
  • The address of the employer.
  • The employee's place of work the employee's job title.
  • The date the employment commenced.
  • If the contract is fixed-term or specified purpose then it must contain the basis on which the contract will conclude.
  • The rate or method of calculation of the employee's remuneration.
  • The length of the intervals between the times at which remuneration is paid.
  • The employee's working hours (including overtime).
  • The employee's leave entitlements.
  • Any terms relating to sick pay.
  • Details of any pension scheme.
  • Notice periods.
  • Any collective agreement or similar agreement which also governs the employee's terms and conditions.

Terms are agreed between the employer and employee, as opposed to conditions which are instructed by the employer and must be adhered to during the employment relationship.

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