Halloween is an exciting time of the year. If you are planning to celebrate in the workplace, make sure you prepare for some common health & safety concerns. Our health & safety experts offer some simple advice on how you can ensure an injury-free and enjoyable Halloween… 


When hanging up festive decorations around the office, ensure you have a colleague supporting you, if you are using a ladder. For any hot lights which might be around the workplace, locate decorations (balloons, hanging pieces) away from them. You may want to dim the lighting to set the festive mood but keep your workplace well lit to avoid any danger.


Avoid long hanging costumes and oversized footwear to prevent any tripping hazards. Try to opt for make-up instead of a mask, this will help to maintain the employees hearing and visibility. If you are planning on having a number of props, try to avoid any sharp or jagged objects and choose smooth or flexible items.

Occupational Driving

Remind your drivers to watch out for trick or treaters and to drive safely. Watch for people on the road or crossing the road especially between parked cars. If you are using your car on Halloween night, ensure that you have backed it into the driveway, this will allow greater visibility when leaving. Expect the unexpected. Always assume people are likely to cross the road at any time.


Every year, emergency facilities are filled with people who receive dreadful and painful injuries as a result of the misuse of fireworks and bonfires. If you see flammable material such as tyres, pallets or old furniture being hoarded in advance of Halloween, inform your local authority. If these materials are present on your premises, try to secure them so they become inaccessible.


If you are having a work party, it will be important to check the quality of the treats you will be handing out. Check the expiry dates and if any employees have allergies. Additionally, if you are planning on providing any alcohol, be mindful of your surrounding employees and how easily the atmosphere can get carried away.

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