On-site consultation

The complete on site solution

We have recognised that holding, supporting and assisting businesses in conducting formal meetings with employees in areas of investigations, disciplinary, performance and grievance can be time-consuming and often challenging to hold.

It also ultimately diverts Business Owners, Directors and Managers focus away from successfully operating businesses and therefore on-site support and assistance is likely to prove invaluable.

Our On-Site HR support covers the following scenarios:-

  • Holding and conducting investigations / investigatory meetings (for example if a client has a complex case that may involve bullying, harassment or it could be a potential gross misconduct case that requires extensive investigation due to the issues identified such as potential theft or fraud)
  • Holding grievance/grievance appeal meetings.
  • Supporting and assisting “Chairs” in the following meetings (disciplinary/disciplinary appeal, capability/capability appeal)
  • Attendance at redundancy and TUPE consultation meetings (providing on-site expertise in potential difficult and complex meetings)
  • Coaching and mentoring prior to the meeting on the day if our Consultant is not chairing the meeting

If you are interested in our on-site consultation or want to know what Peninsula can do for your business, then please phone 1890 252 923 and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.


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