Online HR Software

HR, absence management and employment law advice are often associated with piles of frustrating paperwork. Not anymore. Say goodbye to lost paperwork, mismatched documents and outdated personnel files with our easy online service.

Our service includes

Contracts & documentation

HR software

24 hour HR advice

Legal representation

HR Online Service

You’ll be able to keep track of everything safely and securely, while freeing up more of your time to focus on the things that really matter.

Our Online HR management system understands that your teams aren’t the traditional workers of old. This system is effortlessly mobile, meaning that wherever you are, they’re right there with you for on the go holiday approvals and absence management.

Add a confidential, expert advice service to this, and you can be sure you’ve always got the best possible information for your situation.

So what can this system do?

You can approve holidays, log sickness, track lateness, access and update employee details and allow your staff the freedom to check and manage their own time and entitlements.

The benefit?

Save time- no more email holiday requests to keep track of- no more day planner on the wall, no more not knowing how much holiday an employee has left or requests from employees about how much holiday they have left.

Monitor sickness & lateness- keep on top & understand when employees are having too many sick days and identify a problem before it gets out of hand.

Employee Records & Directory

Store contract information/ personal details/ emergency contact/ access absence records/.

The benefit?

Centralised employee records- all in one place/ secure & compliant- All the important info you need on an employee in an easy to access place. No more paper records/ no more worrying if the records are up to date.

The directory allows for quick access to employee contact for manager as well.


Absence & employee retention reporting.

The benefit?

Insights into a business/ pro-active/ identify issues before they become a problem- gain an understanding of how much employee sickness is costing your business.

Understand if your retaining or losing employees.

Document Storage

Employee & company document storage.

The benefit?

Can store all the important employee docs in one place/ ensure employee have access to all important documents they need- e.g Company Handbook/ holiday/sickness policies


The benefit?

All company can login but you can control who can see what and allow managers to manage their employees- reducing the amount of work for the key HR person in the business.

Absence Calendar

The benefit?

Overview of who’s off in the business on any day so you can figure out who’s sick/on hols etc and your employees can see when other have booked hols so they can make a better decision before requesting a holiday.

Employee Login

The benefit?

Employees can login and update their personal & emergency contacts and view their holiday entitlement and balances-they can request holidays directly to the HR person or their manager and the calendar gives them an overview of who else is off in their team. This ensure employees keep all their details up to date so the HR person doesn’t need to chase them & they can make an informed decision about who else is already off before requesting a holiday.

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