Industries that welcome commission and financial incentives, as a means of driving a workforce to meet set targets, leave themselves wide open to HR disputes regarding pay. The motor trade industry in particular uses bonuses and commission as an incentive to sell, but if a dealership hasn’t left much room for change in their employee’s contracts regarding commission, then they haven’t envisaged the potential HR storm that could follow if the business encounters financial troubles, and needs to reduce its financial incentives.

The motor trade industry also necessitates some legal and technical requirements of its employees, such as full UK driving license and to keep this license clear of penalty points. Employees will also be required to have a full understanding of their health & safety processes and take part in regular health & safety training. In order to keep your staff informed of these requirements and up to date with any changes in their requirements, an employer must clearly communicate all necessities in their employees’ contracts and employee handbooks.

Peninsula can help business owners in the motor trade industry by providing expert help and guidance on employment law and health & safety obligations. Some of the services we provide include:

  • 24 hour advice
  • A Health & Safety Management System
  • Risk Assessment guidance
  • Legal representation and indemnity
  • Employment law advice and documentation
  • HR advice and assistance

Peninsula are the UK leading provider of employment law, HR and health & safety services and we are proud to represent over 30,000 clients from all industries nationwide.

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