As if running a company in the social care sector isn’t a legal minefield in itself, as soon as employees enter the equation it’s a wonder any care ends up being given. But this is exactly why Peninsula was founded – to take 100% of the HR and employment law strain from employers and offer the expertise and experience we’ve built up over three decades’ operation. That leaves you free to offer a social care service to be proud of.

Social care is an ever-growing industry, partly due to the ageing population. As ageing often brings with it physical disabilities, lack of mobility, dementia, depression, isolation and poverty, it’s vital that social care workers get to know those they are looking after and recognise their needs. This requires focus, great management skills and most importantly compassion.

By letting Peninsula become your human resources team and your legal department, you’ll be hiring the best in the business. We appreciate how much trust our clients afford us, and we repay that trust with interest. We’re not satisfied until you’re completely comfortable with the state of your employment affairs.

We’ll ensure that your staff selection process is compliant with the law by assisting you all the way through the engagement process from placing job adverts and fielding responses to setting up contracts, employee handbooks and all other relevant documentation. An unfortunate aspect of hiring staff is that sometimes they will break the rules and will require disciplinary proceedings and occasionally dismissal. Again, we’ll be by your side, and backed up by a set of watertight contracts we’ll see you through the discipline without fear of retaliatory action. We have an excellent record in defending employers against disgruntled staff and resentful ex-employees.

We already offer HR and employment law services to 30,000 businesses, interacting as seamlessly as we would if we were in your offices. No aspect of employment law escapes our scrutiny, protecting you from litigation and costly expenses. We’re always at the end of the phone line, so any employment issue, routine or critical, can be dealt with professionally, person to person.

We employ over a thousand staff, many of whom are devoted solely to dealing with our clients’ concerns and queries. And because you never know when issues are going to crop up, you’ll be glad to know we have advisoers on the phones 24/365. This is of particular use to the social care industry, where business never closes for the day and where employee-related problems can (and regularly do) crop up outside of office hours.

We have the expertise to make your HR watertight – fill in the form at the top of this page or call us on 0800 028 2420 today.