Business Safe Health and Safety at Work Advice and Software

The troubled waters of Health and Safety regulations can drown your business. Peninsula´s rescue team will light your way and protect you from the rocks. If you think Health & Safety is expensive, then try having an accident.

The Peninsula Business Safe service covers-

  • A review of the way you manage health and safety in your premises and is conducted by qualified Heath & Safety consultants to identify areas of non-compliance with legal requirements. You will receive a report advising on how to use best practice and achieve compliance with legal obligations.
  • The preparation and installation of a bespoke Health & Safety management system, developed for your business, including the organisation, specific arrangements and monitoring procedures required for its effective implementation.
  • Regular visits to service your Health & Safety management system and advise on continuing legal compliance.
  • Access to a 24 hour Telephone Advice service supported by qualified Health & Safety consultants.