Health and Safety Training Courses

All Peninsula’s clients are invited to attend our practical and interactive health and safety training courses. These courses are designed to enable participants to handle common health and safety issues that may arise in a professional and positive manner.

Our health and safety courses are delivered by experts in the field, and contain practical advice that your managers, team leaders and HR professionals will use in the day-to-day running of your business. Peninsula will of course help clients to design, implement and maintain a watertight health and safety policy, and can provide advice over the phone whenever it is needed – but alongside our employment law and HR training, the aim of our health and safety training service is to ensure those on the front line are also in the know.

When employers and managers understand the reasoning behind the legislation that affects them, it provides them with greater motivation to fulfil their obligations. Having this basic knowledge of employment law and health and safety could ultimately mean problems are averted or resolved before they become more serious.

Additional health and safety services

As well as our health and safety training courses, we offer our clients:

  • 24 hour health and safety advice
  • A library of technical guidance notes
  • Legal representation in the event of a prosecution
  • Easy-to-use fire risk assessment software
  • Risk management packs tailored to your workplace and circumstances
  • Online templates for health and safety documentation, as well as staff handbooks and contracts of employment, all available for you to print out whenever they are needed.

Why is Peninsula’s health and safety training ‘bespoke’?

Every business and workplace is different, and will therefore have different needs when it comes to health and safety. From the layout of your workplace and the number of staff, to the different machinery or chemicals you may work with, each business deserves a bespoke health and safety training session to help employees fully get to grips with their obligations.Health and safety training for employers