Employment Tribunal Representation

Guidance and support in employment tribunals

Should you become involved in a tribunal, which is often unavoidable in today’s climate, Peninsula visits your premises, take statements and collate the facts. We will also prepare the case, brief witnesses, undertake research and represent you at the employment tribunal, giving you peace of mind.

Other legal services

Peninsula’s qualified and experienced advocates will be with you every step of the way if you are served with tribunal papers. The sheer number of professionals on our team means we can send the perfect representative for your case. What’s more, the range of experience and resources at our disposal enables us to carry out comprehensive research, followed by the preparation of a strong defence case. You can be confident that your employment law representative will liaise with the relevant authorities in matters of conciliation, or if you decide to reach a settlement with the claimant.

As you can see, Peninsula’s employment tribunal representation services go above and beyond the call of duty, providing the support and guidance necessary in this most testing of situations.

Pre-emptive actions

Our primary aim is protecting your business. To this end, we provide 24 hour employment law advice, as well as online resources to make compliance with the law a little simpler. Clients can also invest in their financial peace of mind with our employer indemnity insurance.