All Peninsula’s clients are invited to attend our practical and interactive training courses, delivered by qualified trainers with plenty of real-life experience. The courses are designed to enable participants to handle common employment issues that may arise, in a professional and positive manner.

Employment training

Whether you’re an employer, business owner or manager, you never know what kind of problems could come your way. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that you’ll know the correct way to deal with those problems, or how to remain legally compliant in the face of issues like hiring and firing, holiday pay or bullying at work. Peninsula’s employment law training courses cover all these areas and more, providing a comprehensive grounding in all the aspects of the law that employers need to be aware of.

Because these sessions are delivered to groups of managers and HR staff from your business alone, the material can be tailored to your needs and particular situation. This includes bespoke health and safety training courses for employers, which is particularly useful considering the diverse and industry-specific nature of the legislation. Health and safety at work is often referred to as red tape, but is well worth taking seriously as it could protect your business in the event of an accident in the workplace.

Employment law advice

Outside of employment law training courses, Peninsula clients can obtain advice whenever they need it from a variety of sources. These include:

  • The Peninsula Online resource centre, containing a library of guidance notes and an email Advice Service. Clients can also store bespoke employment documentation in their Peninsula Online hub.
  • The Bottom Line Express, an email newsletter regarding all the latest employment law and health and safety news – of course, if anything looks set to affect your business, we’ll be in touch directly.
  • The A-Z employers law advice guide on the main website, containing tips on common sticking points such as retirement and bullying in the workplace.
  • Peninsula’s 24-hour employers law advice hotline, where you can talk to an expert whenever you need to.