HR Software

HR software is the perfect solution for companies that need to reduce the burden of simple HR administration tasks, but want to retain full control over their business. Peninsula's HR outsourcing software means all duties stay within the company, but are more efficient and reliable thanks to the support of expert guidance and HR tools.

The Peninsula HR software package can be used to manage three main areas of legislation: employment law, health and safety, and tax. Furthermore, all your authorised users can access Peninsula HR software from anywhere in the world; all they need is their log in details to use our wealth of resources, invaluable advice and convenient HR software applications.

What HR software does Peninsula provide?

  • EmployWise – Submit a query to the Peninsula employment law advice service whenever necessary. Download and print bespoke employment documentation including contracts and visitor book templates. The Absence Management HR software allows authorised users to keep track of all holidays, sick leave and other absences in one convenient database, with any problems or patterns compiled into management reports.
  • SafetyWise – The Responsibilities Planner alerts the designated person when they have an upcoming health and safety deadline to meet. This health and safety software also includes a library of guidance notes and advice to help them with their tasks. Paperwork and checklists can be downloaded, while the fire risk assessment software makes light work of a notoriously complicated task.
  • TaxWise – Peninsula clients can gain access to bespoke, expert tax advice whenever it is needed. Furthermore, the TaxWise administration tool facilitates the management of claims, fees and invoices.

As a Peninsula client, you will also be provided with the latest news relating to employment law, ensuring you're ready for any new legislation that could affect you. Finally, the 24-hour employment law advice line is open to all clients for urgent HR queries.

Why use HR software?

Peninsula knows that traditional HR outsourcing isn't for everyone; the importance of maintaining a degree of control and keeping costs down can sometimes outweigh the savings in time and paperwork. Therefore, we believe our affordable HR software is the perfect middle ground, allowing you to keep everything in-house, but making those mundane tasks much faster, simpler, and easier to keep track of.

Furthermore, there are a number of legal and practical benefits to installing HR software:

  • Free up your experienced and trusted HR professionals to work on strategy and development issues
  • Managers can monitor proceedings from a central HR software dashboard, and make sure everything is ticking over
  • Ensure employee holidays don't clash or leave you short-staffed at busy times
  • Share health and safety responsibilities between staff easily, and tick off completed tasks so you can keep track of what still needs doing
  • Print out bespoke employment contracts, safe in the knowledge they protect your business and are above board
  • Print out visitor books, accident records and other health and safety records – comprehensive and up-to-date records can prove you're not liable in the event of an accident
  • Keep records of absence to ensure the right sick pay is provided, and spot signs of stress, dissatisfaction or time-wasting

Of course, another useful HR service we provide is advice in times of need. Your HR staff can browse our library of employment legislation guides, send us a quick email to ask a question, or even obtain bespoke advice from a consultant via our employment law helpline. We provide redundancy advice for employers, employment tribunal help and representation, and advice on adapting to changes to the law; in short, we're there when you need us.