Group Health and Safety and Employment Law Training

Inclusive Employment Law Group Training

All Peninsula’s clients are invited to attend our practical and interactive training courses. The courses are designed to enable participants to handle common employment issues that may arise, in a professional and positive manner.

The courses will aid delegates to recognise potential problems at an early stage so that they can utilise Peninsula’s 24 Hour Advice Service to their best advantage, avoiding costly fines and awards of compensation. Delivered by qualified trainers with practical experience of managing real life issues, our training is continually kept up-to-date with changes in legislation, case law and best practice. These sessions provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of how to comply with employment and your training employment law requirements.

Bespoke Employment and Health and Safety Training

Training is essential. Empowering your people with the correct knowledge will save your business time, hassle and money. Our bespoke Employment and Health and Safety training allows you to tailor the employment training sessions to the specific needs of your business.

Whatever your business, employment training law is absolutely crucial to protect your business, as well as ensuring you perform all of your legal obligations to your employees.

Of course, employment training is important for far more than just legal reasons. Staying on top of employment law training is vital for the progression of your business. With legislation changing all the time, managing your employment training correctly can be the difference between progressing as a company or a major setback when something new comes along which has to be learnt and adapted to. Available to download below are further details of our training schedules in both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Click here to download our latest UK training schedule

Click here to download our latest NI training schedule

Employment law seminars for non-clients

If you are not yet a Peninsula client, you can still benefit from our expertise. As well as our intensive employment law training courses, we conduct employment law seminars open to any employer or manager interested in learning more about our services and how we can help.

These two-hour sessions will typically cover new employment legislation, best practice for employers, and health and safety at work. The finer points of employment legislation will be illustrated with recent case studies, while our presenters are experts in the field with real-life experience of management and HR.

After one of our employment law seminars, we hope you’ll think of Peninsula if you ever decide you need more in-depth health and safety training, employment law training or general HR training. You can also come to us with any questions you may have regarding employment law training and your responsibilities as a company to the people that work for you. Peninsula offers such a wide range of services that we are completely confident we will be able to help you with whatever issues may occur in your workplace. An example of one such common issue which can be appropriately dealt with thanks to Peninsula is workplace bullying.

Managing employee wellbeing and work related stress

Peninsula can also provide clients with an Employee Assistance Programme. This is the perfect complement to employment law training, as it allows you to protect the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees while ensuring your legal obligations are fulfilled. Staff support services include access to a range of helplines, face to face employee counselling sessions, online health assessments and work related stress management.

Why is employment law training important?

It may seem strange that we offer our clients employment law training; almost like we’re telling you how to do our job. But of course, you quite often see members of the fire service providing tips on fire safety, and employment law and health and safety training has a similar purpose behind it. Just like the fire service, while we are more than able to help you with any issues that do arise, the best method for both parties is to provide advice on how to avert these situations in the first place.

We want to help clients to help themselves. There will always be situations where you need our expert guidance, but our employment law training sessions could teach you:

  • The warning signs and risky situations to look out for
  • The appropriate action to take in a range of problematic circumstances
  • How to prioritise the employer/employee relationship at all times

HR training and outsourcing

Peninsula’s group training sessions also provide elements of HR training, which are ideal for your management team and senior HR staff. Dealing effectively with personnel issues means being compassionate, but also commercially aware and legally compliant, which is often a challenge. As well as HR training, we provide HR software and outsourcing services to enable HR staff to focus on the most important aspects of their job, and free up their precious time.