Employment Law Specialists

The amount of Government legislation relating to businesses and organisations is growing year on year. Worryingly, the number of employee grievances and employment tribunals is also on the increase, so businesses must work harder than ever to ensure they meet all legal requirements. The sheer amount of paperwork, knowledge and time required makes this an aspect of business management that many employers would rather pass on to an expert.

That’s where Peninsula (CI) Ltd Business Services comes in. Over 25,000 businesses have now turned to us for HR outsourcing and expert employment law advice, with a 24-hour advice line. Becoming a Peninsula (CI) Ltd client means you’ll have a 900-strong team on your side, from HR specialists to qualified employment law specialists.

How our employment law specialists can help you

A Peninsula (CI) Ltd employment law specialist will provide your business with expert advice and even help prepare your case should the worst happen and you are served with tribunal papers. Disputes we can help with include:

A tribunal of this nature can be extremely serious for a company, not to mention expensive. One reason why Peninsula (CI) Ltd is so effective is our policy of preventing a tribunal wherever possible, by providing detailed advice whenever it is needed. However, if there is no other choice, we’re ready for action to protect your business.

In employment law tribunals, we will dispatch a dedicated employment law specialist to prepare and research your case, as well as deal with any conciliation measures and finally attend your tribunal hearing. In matters of health and safety, our specialists investigate the accident and guide you through improvement or prohibition notices. Should you be prosecuted, you will be accompanied to interviews and given legal representation throughout the process.

We know how worrying it can be to face a tribunal, but our wealth of experience means clients need not worry; the specialist advocates and consultants of our Legal Services Department make sure you’re in safe hands.