Legal Representation for Employment Tribunals and Health and Safety Prosecutions

We believe in prevention rather than cure

What you can expect from us:

In the event that you are served with Tribunal papers or you are faced with a Health and Safety prosecution from a current or former employee, you should notify our Legal Services Case Preparation Department for Employment or our Health and Safety Department as soon as possible. Upon such notification, we will see the case through from inception to conclusion.


Depending on the progress of your case, either the Legal Services Case Preparation Department or your Legal Services Consultant will liaise with ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) for England, Scotland and Wales, or the Labour Relations Agency for Northern Ireland, in relation to possible conciliation for “nuisance value” or “damage limitation” purposes or where you wish to take a commercial view regarding settlement of the case prior to the hearing.

Tribunal Complaints

There are a wide range of Tribunal complaints that employee’s are able to make against an employer and some of these can even be made by people not yet employed by a company. Here are details of the main Tribunal complaints, along with the length of service required and the penalties awarded where the claim is successful.

Tribunal Contact

We will contact the relevant Employment Tribunal Office and place ourselves “on file” with them to let them know we are acting on your behalf and to ensure that all correspondence in relation to your case will be sent direct to ourselves. We will then submit the response on your behalf.