How to keep remote workers happy and healthy

Peninsula Team

March 27 2020

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As an employer, the coronavirus situation has created challenges that you’ve never had to face before. Due to ongoing government restrictions, you may have to adapt to a new kind of working.

If possible, that means having employees work remotely to adhere to distancing advice. While not all businesses are able to do this, it’s something many are now looking into. To do it effectively, you’ll need to put a working from home policy in place. This will allow you to ensure your employees’ safety and enable your business to continue operating.

While those are the positives, remote working has its negative aspects. Employees can be left feeling isolated and out of touch. As a result, their overall health may suffer.

So, how can you ensure your employees come out the other end of remote working happy and healthy?

Set targets for your employees

Maintaining normality goes a long way in a remote working situation. As you would in the office, set targets for your employees working from home. Doing so will set a far-reaching plan in motion.

Not only will you be able to keep track of task completion, your employees will also have to stay on top of their work, thus remaining busy and focused. This will distract them from reading coronavirus articles that only lead to more worry.

An issue you may be faced with is whether to monitor hours or output. This, of course, will depend on the nature of the employee’s role.

A healthy step for both you and your employees, setting targets will help you both come out the other side of remote working as healthy as always.

Stay informed

False information regarding the coronavirus is easy to come by. It’s everywhere online and as a result, your remote workers could begin to panic.

That's why it's important to get the latest coronavirus developments from government websites only. That will enable you to give your employees the facts. The HSC and government websites both provide updates that you can include in emails, calls or newsletters to remote workers.

Maintaining contact

Maintaining contact with remote workers is crucial. Doing so will make the transition from office to home setting easier, as will conducting group calls. Interaction with their colleagues will help remote workers maintain a type of balance in their workday. And, if employees are able to stay in contact with colleagues, it will almost seem as though they never left the office at all.

You will also be able to discuss future tasks with these remote workers and check back in on current jobs.

Encourage exercise

While working from home, make sure your remote workers get in regular exercise. This could be a morning or lunchtime walk or simple desk exercise, such as:

  • Rolling their shoulders
  • Punching the air
  • Extending their legs
  • Rotating their necks

Employee Assistance Programme

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a great tool during worrying times like these.

An EAP provides:

  • An online health portal and app,
  • 24-hour phone, email and live chat counselling, and
  • an occupational health assessment if needed.

Find out more here.

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