Health & safety learning & development

Give your health & safety staff and your wider team of employees access to a library of online webinars as well as IOSH-accredited training at your premises.

Online health & safety e-learning

Among other topics, our online webinars give your health & safety managers and wider employee base regular tips and updates on subjects including:

  • Manual handling
  • Basic health & safety awareness
  • Asbestos awareness

Lasting between 25 - 35 minutes, your team can watch from anywhere, at any time. In fact, it’s the most efficient way to boost their knowledge and confidence when handling health & safety.

On-site health & safety training

Upskill your stakeholders with health & safety training on the areas of improvement your organisation needs.

Our online webinars provide your health & safety managers and wider employee base with useful tips and relevant updates.

Accredited on-site training courses

We offer five IOSH training courses on your premises:

  • IOSH Working Safely (for employees)
  • IOSH Managing Safely (for managers & supervisors)
  • IOSH Leading Safely (for directors & senior managers)
  • IOSH Fire Safety Awareness
  • IOSH Fire Safety for Managers

Plus, if your organisation serves food, we also offer CIEH-accredited food safety courses.

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