11 February 2013
Appraisals are an essential tool for an employer to monitor employees’ performance and improve the overall productivity of the business. Having a robust and regular appraisal system in place allows you to assess your staff against set objectives, provide feedback on performance and establish mutually agreed, forward-looking goals for them. Rewards for outstanding performance or remedies for poor performance can be established where appropriate using the outcomes of the appraisal. Regular appraisals can help identify performance issues at an early stage. Poor performance at work can be an issue of considerable concern to the employer. It not only reduces productivity but can have a negative impact on the employees who work alongside the poorly performing employee and bring down their performance too. With a relatively recent recruit, it may be that they are simply not up to the job. In this case, work with them to see if additional training may help overcome the performance issues they are having. With a longer term recruit where there have previously been no performance issues, other factors may be coming into play. Whatever the situation it may be possible to re-train them to help them to become again a valued member of the workplace, or find alternative employment within the firm where they may feel more comfortable and confident. Regular appraisals and documentation records from these appraisals also can be very helpful in contributing to a paper trail on performance issues, should an employer be taken to a tribunal.

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