HR Outsourcing and Services

From your first staff contract to full legal compliance, our specialist HR support gives you the freedom to succeed

Our service includes

24 hour HR advice

HR software

Contracts & documentation

Legal representation

Let our qualified experts take care of your HR

Think how much better life would be if dealing with HR admin, paperwork and staff management was quick and easy. So easy that you barely had to think about it at all. You’d finally be free to focus 100% on real work, and your small business would grow. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Peninsula makes that your reality.

When you partner with our HR specialists, we take care of everything for you. We write every word in every HR document and tailor it all to protect you. Call us any time, any day, and get instant advice for any questions you have. There’s also a suite of HR management software tools and legal insurance included.

With Peninsula, your HR cover works just as hard as you do.

Total HR support in four simple steps

To build on your success, your small business needs four HR essentials in place. We take care of each one for you, updating them every time the laws change.

  1. Documentation: Get watertight staff contracts, a company handbook, custom policies and any other legal documents you need.
  2. HR tools: You get the UK’s most popular HR software for SMEs: BrightHR. Use it to log annual leave, track lateness, make and share rotas, and even store an infinite amount of documents securely in the cloud.
  3. 24-hour HR advice: Call our CIPD-qualified advisors as much and as often you like for advice—no matter how big or small the problem—and be confident you’re getting the right answers.
  4. Legal insurance: Complete cover in unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination claims for as much as £2 million. So if you ever face a tribunal, as long as you meet the terms and conditions, you won’t have to pay a thing.

The small business owner’s HR choice

Why do more than 36,000 SME owners and employers in the UK and Ireland rely on Peninsula?

Because we become an extension of your small business—whether that’s to support your in-house HR people or to be your HR people.

So whenever you need help with day-to-day matters like handling staff lateness, or you face life-changing decisions like making redundancies, Peninsula guides you through it while keeping you safe in the eyes of the law.

And throughout it all, you keep control of your small business.

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