COVID advice for your business

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Getting back to work or working from home

If you’re an employer in England, you’re now likely to be asking employees to work from home again after the Prime Minister’s announcement on 22nd September.

But we’re here to advise you on returning to work when you decide to. Book your advice call with a Peninsula expert today to find out:

  • How to prepare your building to reduce the chance of COVID-19 spreading 
  • What to do to maintain social distancing at work
  • When to keep staff working from home and how to choose who comes back into work
  • And how to access government funding for your business, including the latest updates on the Job Support Scheme

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Advice on furlough and government grants

Get fast advice on how to furlough staff and claim urgent government grants to cover their wages. Find out:

  • Which of your employees can go on furlough (i.e. temporarily stop working)
  • How long your employees need to be on furlough, and how much money you can claim for their time off
  • How to follow the correct furlough process to unlock government funding for your business
  • How the new Job Support Scheme will work


Your furlough navigator tool

Furlough navigator is an online tool for BrightHR that helps you collect the data you need to claim Job Retention Scheme grants in one secure place online. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick staff for furlough: Set an employee’s status to furlough with a click of a button. Use your online calendar to see who’s on furlough, who’s on holiday and who’s on sick leave.
  • Track time off: Let the furlough navigator tool record how long your staff are on furlough. Then use this data to work out how much to claim back for wages.
  • Access HR docs online: Get unlimited cloud storage space for your HR docs, including furlough letters. Keep docs safe, secure and easy to access for five years to meet government guidelines. 

Find out how furlough navigator makes it easier to manage your staff and apply for funding. Book your free advice call today.

Coronavirus News

Find out how to manage HR issues with the latest coronavirus news as we publish it on the Peninsula Blog

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Any information provided by Peninsula in relation to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) has been based on guidance published by the Government on its website ( which has been updated regularly. The information provided by Peninsula in relation to eligibility under the CJRS does not amount to ‘advice’ and Peninsula does not accept any liability or responsibility for the submission or accuracy of information provided to HMRC in support of claims under the CJRS. All claims submitted to HMRC in respect of the CJRS remain the sole responsibility of the employer.

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