Coronavirus & HR advice for business owners

Learn how to manage the impact of coronavirus on your workforce with free guides to download and use straight away. And for instant advice? Book your complimentary call with one of our HR and health & safety experts now.

Advice on furlough and government grants

Get fast advice on how to furlough staff and claim urgent government grants to cover their wages. Find out:

  • Which of your employees can go on furlough (i.e. temporarily stop working)
  • How long your employees need to be on furlough, and how much money you can claim for their time off
  • How to follow the correct furlough process to unlock government funding for your business


Coronavirus factsheet, FAQs & HR news

Find out how to manage HR issues with your coronavirus advice sheet, FAQs, and the latest coronavirus news as we publish it on the Peninsula blog.

DOWNLOAD: My coronavirus advice sheet (pdf)

DOWNLOAD: My coronavirus FAQs (pdf)

DOWNLOAD: Hand hygiene poster (pdf)

NEWS: How to protect your workplace

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