Legal Insurance

Are you prepared to face legal action from one of your staff? Could your company cope with the huge cost of defending a case?

The Peninsula legal insurance policy will protect you, giving you cover in unfair dismissal and indirect discrimination claims for as much as £2 million.

So, if the worst ever happens and you do lose a tribunal, as long as you meet the terms and conditions then you won’t have to pay a thing. That’s peace of mind.

Helping you avoid penalties

The awards for a tribunal loss are huge. Unfair dismissals are over £95,000 and discrimination cases are unlimited. And that doesn’t take solicitor and court fees into account.

Few, if any, small businesses can survive such penalties, let alone have the money to fight the case without cover.

At Peninsula, we understand that. It’s why our members get legal insurance as a core part of the service, and we’ll even represent you.

So even if you don’t yet need it, it’s reassuring to know you have it.

Where your cover protects you

  • Employment tribunals
  • Employment appeal tribunals
  • High Court cases
  • Civil Court cases

Our Irwell Insurance Policy
Our Treating Customers Fairly Policy


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