Corporate Business Services

Peninsula had traditionally been a support mechanism for small and medium sized organisations.

Peninsula had traditionally been a support mechanism for small and medium sized organisations. However in the late 1990’s we were approached by a number of larger organisations that were very much attracted to the Peninsula proposition but wanted the facility to integrate our support with their own internal specialist resources. With this in mind in 2001 Peninsula launched our Corporate Solutions Division, dedicated to delivering bespoke consultancy support to larger clients and corporate organisations across the UK and Ireland.

Why would larger organisations look to outsource?

The conventional arguments for HR outsourcing are well known. Given that Peninsula is delivering support to tens of thousands clients, our operations generate significant economies of scale that enable service provision at significantly lower costs, and enhanced levels of quality, compared to an in-house operation.

For our corporate clients the service is not so much an outsourced proposition than that of an in-sourced service function. Typically, most in-house HR and Health & Safety functions spend the vast proportion of their time managing reactive issues such as discipline or responding to accidents rather than having the time to focus on pro-active systems that add value to the business. Through partnering with Peninsula Corporate Solutions, these clients have been able to channel their internal focus to proactive initiatives such as reducing levels of absence and improving levels of employee engagement and in doing so, have been able to generate significant cost savings and productivity enhancements for their companies.

The Corporate Solutions Delivery Model

The Peninsula service delivery model is based upon the provision of expert, commercially orientated advice on an immediate basis. Our consultancy is driven on a bespoke basis and tailored to the individual requirements of each client organisation, supported by management information to provide the benchmarks for continuous improvement.

We encourage our clients to track hidden costs within their organisations, such as labour turnover, absence levels, accidents etc and set benchmarks for their reduction. Our services are provided at a fixed monthly cost to encourage our clients not just to seek advice when there is a reactive problem, but also to involve the Consultants in areas that can have a significant impact on organisational effectiveness.

Our service is provided by highly knowledgeable individuals, with a strong commercial awareness, delivering not just employment law or health & safety advice but a pragmatic perspective in achieving desired business outcomes.

Performance Audits and 360 degree feedback

We believe in the value of providing immediate consulting support to help our clients resolve difficult and sensitive business issues. Not surprisingly we monitor these service levels constantly and this data forms the basis of performance audits with our clients in a process of 360 degree feedback ensuring exceptional levels of client satisfaction.

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