Ensuring Wellbeing at Work

As an employer, one of the most important responsibilities you face is maintaining the wellbeing of your staff, ensuring their performance is not being negatively impacted by any personal issues.

Failing to prevent any issues which may damage an employee’s morale could not only cause the productivity of the business to decrease, but could also result in a financially damaging claim being made against the company. If an employee feels that they can no longer work at a company due to an issue which was not resolved correctly, they may be entitled to claim compensation as a result of constructive dismissal. Due to the potentially devastating outcomes for employees and employers alike, it is essential that the maximum amount of employee assistance is provided to prevent such situations developing.

Assistance with employee wellbeing

Ensuring that procedures are in place for handling workplace stress is one of the most important ways that employee wellbeing is maintained. From personal problems to issues with a certain task or workload, there are many reasons why an employee may feel stressed at work. While preventing stress altogether may not be possible, there are many things you can do to ensure that these issues do not develop further into any lasting problems. Giving an employee the opportunity to speak about any problems that may be bothering them, or simply providing employees with the chance to relax if they are feeling stressed can be extremely helpful. Peninsula have worked with many different companies to help with employee wellbeing, meaning you can trust us to help maintain an enjoyable workplace environment.

Another potential problem which you are forced to deal with as an employer is preventing workplace bullying. Thankfully this may not be an issue in every workplace, with the staff getting on well and working together as a team. However, a study from the Workplace Bullying Institute in 2012 found that around 30 per cent of workers reported they had previously suffered some form of workplace bullying. Of course, bullying can have an extremely damaging impact on employee wellbeing, and must be prevented or dealt with as soon as possible.

Wellbeing at work guidance from Peninsula

Peninsula can provide expert advice on maintaining employee wellbeing at work through our EAP service, including advice on how to combat bullying at work or employee stress. While the work we do is designed to prevent problems arising, we can also provide representation at an employment tribunal if required.

To speak to one of the highly experienced Peninsula team, call our 24/7 hotline on 0844 892 2772. You can also request a call back through the contact section of the website, to speak to an advisor at a time which is more suitable to your schedule.

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