Employment Law Documentation

The documentation you provide your employees with is the foundation of your employment relationship. By law, you must provide a statement of main terms to all of your employees within 2 months of commencement of employment, and the law also stipulates what areas you must cover in this statement.

Your employees should also be made aware of all of the rules, policies and procedures in place in your organisation so that they know what you consider to be acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. A handbook, to accompany the statement of main terms, is an ideal method of making employees aware of this vital information. Setting out your rules in this way is vital as evidence, in the event that your employees break a rule, that they were aware of the rule in the first place.

Peninsula will create statements of main terms for each of your employees, together with an employee handbook which they will be able to refer to when necessary.

The handbook will include your policy on:

In addition, our suite of employment law documents includes all the request forms and records that you will need during employment. A few examples from the range are listed below:

  • A range of documents to help in your recruitment process, for example, sample personnel specifications, application forms and interview rating forms
  • Health questionnaire
  • Change to personal details form
  • Holiday request form
  • Absence reporting form
  • Return to work interview form
  • Parental leave record
  • Exit interview form