We believe in prevention rather than a cure.

Even though you may have taken and followed advice, this is not a failsafe that an employee will not bring a tribunal claim against you. However, if they do, a member of our Legal Services department will represent you in an employment tribunal.

What you can expect from us

In the event that you are served with Tribunal papers or you are faced with a Health and Safety prosecution from a current or former employee, you should notify our Legal Services Case Preparation Department for Employment Law or our Health and Safety Department as soon as possible. Upon such notification, we will see the case through from inception to conclusion.

Legal Representation for Employment Tribunals and Health and Safety Prosecutions

Our services include:

Accident Investigation – We will advise you on the steps that need to be taken following on from an accident/incident. That could very well involve a personal visit from one of our Consultants; you will also be provided with legal advice and assistance from a Health and Safety Solicitor should that be required.

Breach of Contract Disputes – An employee requires no length of service to bring about a claim for breach of contract. A Tribunal is able to make an award of up to £25,000 with the opportunity to counter-claim and could relate to failure to follow a contractual disciplinary procedure.

Case Conclusion – At the conclusion of a case, you will be advised on what additional remedial steps should be taken, so as to help you better manage your health and safety obligations.

Case Resolution – On conclusion of the case your Legal Services Consultant will discuss the tribunal’s decision with you, and, if appropriate, address any matters with regard to compensation or possible grounds for review or appeal.

Deductions from Pay – An employee requires no length of service to bring about a claim for this reason. Should they win a Tribunal can award the actual amount claimed or that which is in dispute, without limit.