BusinessSafe Online is a computer application that allows clients to hold details of their health and safety management system and associated records in one place.

What is BusinessSafe Online?

BusinessSafe Online also allows you to set and schedule tasks. Managers can retain responsibility to themselves and delegate tasks to employees. The system will send email reminders when tasks are due and notify managers when they become overdue. Using the system you can be sure of remembering a periodic statutory task or a specific task allocated to an employee.

A Risk Assessment Wizard leads you step by step through risk assessment, general risk assessments, personal risk assessments and hazardous substances assessments. Photographs, systems of work, safety data sheets and other supporting documents can be linked to each assessment.

The system can be used to hold details of injuries and near misses that occur in the course of work and any associated investigation. Management information reports will help you identify underlying causes and strategies for preventing further incidents.

A Reference Library provides immediate access to more than 120 up to date guidance notes and a range of business forms that will promote compliance.

Will I need to download any software?

No the application and associated data is all stored on-line, all you will need is access to the internet. BusinessSafe Online can be accessed worldwide from any online computer. A Smartphone App also allows access to parts of the application including the ability to send a photograph directly into a record, for example a photograph of an accident location can be immediately attached to the associated accident record.

Will my data be secure?

Absolutely; Peninsula is accredited to ISO27001 “Information technology, security techniques and information security management systems”. Systems are designed and protected to be secure.

Your access to the system is through a unique verified email address and secure password. Within an account your System Manager or Administrator can limit the access of other users as required by the business needs. Access can be limited to reading records only or in combination with the ability to add, edit or delete. No user will be able to see any record for which they have not been given permission.

Is there a help line?

Help and guidance on using the system is available by phone and through an embedded email system. Help guides and video tutorials are also available within the system.

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