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If you had a passion for health & safety, you’d probably be a health & safety manager—and a business would pay you £45k a year for it.

But you chose to be your own boss instead. And you’re good at it. How can we tell?

If your business wasn’t growing, you wouldn’t be affected by so many health & safety laws. And if you didn’t take safety seriously, you wouldn’t be reading this page… 

The good news is you don’t need to pay a health & safety manager £45k a year to protect your business. And you don’t need to give up your evenings to study HSE laws, either.

Because our team of experts make all your health & safety tasks easy and bring you big savings. Here’s how.

It all starts with a risk assessment…

First things first, we help you get the law right

Peninsula experts come to your site and pinpoint the health & safety laws that affect your business. Then we guide you through a professional risk assessment.

We break down everything you need to know

Our consultants give you down-to-earth advice on how to keep your staff safe. No crazy health & safety chores—just practical actions relevant to your business.

Then we write your health & safety policies for you…

And we regularly update them as the laws change and your business grows. Plus, you can call us anytime and get answers to any health & safety questions.

Speak to an expert

Get a free business review.

Our health & safety experts are available to take your call 24/7.

0800 028 2420

A health & safety pro on call, any time of day

As your business grows, more workplace laws will affect you.

But we promise health & safety legislation will never be a burden to your business. Because our consultants make meeting your legal duties easy.

And if you ever face a health & safety crisis, just pick up the phone and get instant advice from a qualified expert. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our consultants are members of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. They’re trained to give practical advice that’s relevant to your business. And they always speak in plain English, too. 

See for yourself. Arrange your free health & safety review with a Peninsula expert today. Call 0800 028 2420

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