Small Business Services

Our service includes

HR software

24 hour advice

Contracts & documentation

On-site compliance visits

Small Business HR, Employment Law and Health and Safety Services

It takes lots of effort, dedication and commitment to run a successful business. If you employ 5 Members of staff or less (including employees, workers, directors and partners) we can help. We will take care of all your personnel issues allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

We’re offering a small business Employment Law protection package for small business that’s easy to use and what’s more it’s very affordable and fully indemnified.

Peninsula is the UK’s Employment Law Service, and Small Business Clients can now have access to our experienced & commercially aware advice team. The combination of our online documentation and contracts facility, our free expert advice line – available to you 7 days a week means you can leave the staff issues to us and get on with running your business.

What is included in the Peninsula Small Business Essentials Package?

When running a small business, employers are often faced with trivial issues and time-consuming protocol they could do without. With this in mind, Peninsula has devised a four-point service to alleviate the stress of small business HR and employment law.

Firstly, small business clients have access to 24-hour employers law advice. This can range from a quick answer to a simple HR question, to an in-depth chat with an expert about how to handle a tricky situation. In addition, any small business owner will appreciate our small business HR outsourcing services.

When it comes to small business health & safety, the support of the legal advice line and HR tools enables confident creation and management of an effective Health and Safety policy. We will also update you on any new legislation that will affect you. You may also wish to attend our Employment law Seminars. Finally, the Essentials package includes small business insurance. This provides additional peace of mind should your business ever face an employment tribunal, covering the costs of representation from a Peninsula employment law solicitor.

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