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Having all the relevant documents and contracts in place is the starting point of a good employment policy

Even when you only have a small number of employees there are certain obligations, which as an employer, are your responsibility. We provide you with bespoke contracts and easy to complete forms, which will be tailored and personalised to suit your business. We will also help you review your current general procedures and check the information you already have.

Contracts of employment tailored to your business

Your rights as an employer and what you expect from your employees need to be set out in the contract of employment they sign. Their holiday entitlement, wages and working hoursshould all be specified. Furthermore, your disciplinary and dismissal procedures should also be clarified. When an employee signs a contract, they are certifying that they have read and understood all the terms and conditions in it; this means it will be much harder for them to take you to employment tribunal for unfair dismissal or not receiving the correct wages.

We know every company is different, and will therefore require different provisions and rules in their employment contracts. Our bespoke contracts service is enlisted by huge multinationals right down to small businesses with a handful of employees; so you can count on us to draft you a watertight contract of employment that protects your business but is also fair to employees.

Documentation on demand

As well as our extensive online employment law advice guide library, Peninsula clients can sign in to an online resource hub from any computer in the world. This is where any bespoke employment contracts and documentation will be stored. Therefore, from a workplace risk assessment template to a visitor book or safety policy, you can request and download a copy on demand, and get sound advice on how best to utilise your documentation.

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