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Since being established in 1983, Peninsula has a reputation for providing top quality service and expert advice in employment law & health and safety. Our team comprises some of the country’s top employment law specialists, so it’s no wonder so many clients give us glowing testimonials.

Now, Peninsula has created a Small Business Essentials Package. This means small businesses, which are often those most pressed for time and resources can benefit from our expertise for an affordable fixed monthly fee, with no additional costs to surprise you. As a result, small-to-medium-sized enterprises can rest assured they are legally compliant and have access to employment law advice whenever it is needed, forming the equivalent of an outsourced HR department.

Small business employers law services

When it comes to negotiating tricky employment lawsituations, Peninsula is widely regarded as the best. But what employers law services are included in the Peninsula Small Business Essentials Package?

  • Small business insurance is available to cover the costs of an employment tribunal if the worst comes to the worst. This is one of the most stressful situations an employer can ever be in, so knowing you are covered provides real peace of mind.
  • Human resources and health and safety advice from our expert team of professionals. Our 24 hour telephone advice service, as well as the resources of the BusinessWise online management tool, provides a solid foundation of high-quality advice that can be accessed at any time. We know it’s the small issues that can really matter to a small business, so we’re always on hand to answer even the most basic or routine questions.
  • Advice and help with employment services documentation. Drawing up terms and conditions of employment, employee contracts, management guides, worker employment letters and more; paperwork like this can be a real drain on the limited time of a small business owner, so our documentation service could improve business efficiency. What’s more, we stay on top of all the latest changes in legislation and make the necessary changes to your paperwork, so you don’t have to.
  • Peninsula clients, whether they’re big or small, have access to our 24 hour advice line. This hotline operates seven days a week in the UK, so that any employment law problems can be addressed by our legal consultants, providing you with total peace of mind.

Legal Advice

Running a business is one thing; running a small business, where you are solely responsible for the company, is an entirely different matter. Small business owners have the welfare of their staff, the maintenance of a health and safety policy, and all kinds of legislation and paperwork on their shoulders becoming in essence the company’s HR department as well as its manager. Often, small businesses could do with a helping hand, an expert opinion, or just reassurance that they’re doing everything right. For that reason, our small business service clients gain free legal advice including:

  • Access to a wide range of employment law guidance notes on the BusinessWise online resource hub, as well as tools to facilitate business management and help with employment documentation and contracts.
  • The BusinessWise Advice Service, where employers can send an e-mail free of charge to be read and replied to by Peninsula’s team of employment law experts.
  • The 24-hour free legal advice line for small businesses, where our team of consultants is on hand to answer any question big, small or routine at any time.
  • Peninsula’s website contains an A-Z employers advice guide, which you can consult at your leisure for free legal advice on everything from absenteeism to young people in the workplace.

Why invest in the small business Essentials package?

You can’t put a price on peace of mind; but if you could, the fixed monthly cost of the Peninsula Small Business Essentials Package would seem like a bargain. For a few pounds a week, you will have the expertise of the entire Peninsula team backing you up. Whether it’s the employer law advice team answering your queries over the phone, or our employment law specialists preparing your case and representing you at tribunal, our combined knowledge and experience can cover any eventuality.

Essentially, The Small Business Essentials Package constitutes HR outsourcing for small businesses. This provides you with the capacity of a full HR team, at a fixed monthly cost equivalent to perhaps one day’s wages for a single employee. With the time and hassle it will save you, this will pay for itself in no time. Best of all, knowing all your paperwork is up-to-date and correctly filled in is a weight off your mind.

Employment law is constantly changing, with lots of new legislation due to come into effect over the next few years. For advice on additional bank holidays, the Equality Bill, the phasing out of Default Retirement Age, or new rules relating to maternity leave and agency workers, you can rely on us. We keep up to date with all the latest developments, and let you know exactly how they will affect your small business.

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