Need access to expert tax and VAT advice?

Looking for technical, practical but crystal clear advice on your business tax and VAT matters?

As a Peninsula member, you’ll receive exclusive access to our tax advice lines. What’s more, all of our advisors have firsthand experience of working for HMRC or in an accountancy organisation.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What benefits will our tax advice bring to your business?

You might be asking yourself: ‘So what’s the catch?’

Well… nothing!

Our tax helplines offer accurate and up-to-date advice no matter how simple or complex your question, plus:

  • An in-house team of genuine tax and VAT specialists
  • 90% of initial calls answered directly by a qualified advisor
  • Comprehensive advice on any UK tax or VAT matter
  • Help with reviewing or composing HMRC correspondence
  • Tax Fee Protection Insurance
  • A commitment to the highest level of customer service

We deal with over 60,000 member calls a year – isn’t it time you joined them?

Looking for more than just a chat? We offer tax consultancy services, too…

If you’re facing a more detailed dilemma, you can also access our in-depth tax and VAT consultancy services.

Designed for when a phone call alone isn’t quite enough, our consultants can offer extensive support for an additional but competitive fee.

What about complex tax and VAT problems?

We can deal with almost anything – but occasionally, everyone needs some extra help! If your tax or VAT issue is outside our remit, we’ll direct you to a dedicated, expert resource.

This could include assistance with:

  • Tax and VAT planning matters across the board
  • IR35 contract review services
  • COP9 enquiries
  • Share schemes
  • Corporate reconstructions
  • SDLT

Our tax advisors deal with over 3,500 firms of accountants across the UK and has a reputation for innovation. We continuously review our products and services to ensure our experts stay one step ahead

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