Menopause: Continuing the conversation

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October 19 2022

On World Menopause Day, Peninsula featured on ITN’s “Menopause: Continuing the Conversation.”

With three Peninsula employees revealing their own experience, the programme exposed the real impact of menopause in the workplace. The feature dives into the day-to-day reality of living with symptoms and, crucially, what employers should be doing to help.

It’s a must-see insight into the lives of millions of workers across the UK. Scroll on to watch the feature…

Breaking the stigma

Fear of discussing menopause means workers often feel forced to suffer in silence or quit their job.

That means the UK could be losing 14 million working days a year to menopause-related symptoms. And with up to 1 million workers planning to quit over a lack of workplace support, it’s never been more important to reduce the stigma around talking about menopause.

In order to stop resignations, you need to start talking.

To kick things off, Peninsula took part in the following ITN programme…

You can watch the full feature here

Hopefully, this nationwide feature empowered staff across the UK to open up about how menopause impacts them. Then, it becomes a normal conversation to have in the workplace – allowing you to understand your employees’ unique needs.

Because when you understand how your staff feel, you can take the right steps to keep them safe, motivated, and happy at work.

To start the conversation in your workplace, why not share this with your own staff?

Giving you the tools to support your staff

Now you’ve started talking about menopause at work, it’s time to start making positive changes. And Peninsula’s here to help you do that…

As a Peninsula client, you have access to:

  1. A dedicated menopause toolkit – your own pack of templates, letters, and action plans to share with your workforce.
  2. Unlimited advice – learn how you can make positive workplace changes with round-the-clock support from leading HR specialists.
  3. Policies and documentation – when you know how to support your staff, our experts will create inclusive and legally-watertight menopause policies for your business. So, your staff will know how to access the support you provide.
  4. Counselling for your staff – Peninsula’s EAP is here to guide your staff through menopause. With medical support for tough symptoms and counselling for mental health challenges, you give your staff the tools to stay healthy, happy, and productive.

Not yet a Peninsula client? Enjoy a sample of our expert HR support with your free guide…

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