Peninsula Face2Face - How can it help your business?

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

August 16 2016

A couple of years ago we noticed that we’d started to get more and more requests from members who called our advice line and then requested a bit of extra help. Many members use the advice line when an employment law situation arises and, having received excellent guidance from our experts, are then more than comfortable to take things forward following the advice themselves, with our advisors at the end of the phone or online. Some, however, found themselves in a position where they didn’t want to handle a tricky employment situation personally. Either they didn’t have enough time, they didn’t feel confident enough, or perhaps the situation specifically called for a third party to be physically present.  In answer to this demand, we created an important new addition to our existing service, called Peninsula Face2Face. We’ve introduced it slowly to get it right and the department has quadrupled in size in only two years. It’s been a tremendous success with the members who’ve used it and the feedback has been really positive. “I can’t fully express what a weight it was off my mind,” said one member when asked how she felt about the service she’d received. In a nutshell, that’s a pretty good summary of how it works – it takes the weight off.  For a set, one-off fee, one of our consultants will come to your premises and take over the handling of your employment law problem for you, in person.  They will do this by conducting whichever meetings are necessary with your employee and then provide a Report containing their recommendations – which, of course, our expert advisors will then help you implement.  The protection of our members and their business is at the heart of everything we do. There are various scenarios where Peninsula Face2Face really comes into its own. You may be facing a particularly tricky employment law problem, but you don’t feel you have the experience or the time to devote to it.  You may be feeling uncomfortable about dealing with an employee’s grievance directly yourself.  Perhaps you are likely to face a challenging Trade Union representative.  You may need an impartial third party to be involved in disciplinary meetings, but you don’t know quite who fits the bill.  Or you may simply want to come to an amicable resolution with an unsettled (or unwanted) employee and ‘settle them out’ of your business as quickly and as efficiently as possible, with the minimum cost and disruption to the business and your other employees. With Peninsula Face2Face, a Peninsula consultant comes to your premises and handle these issues for you personally, alongside the top quality advice you’ll already have received from our 24/7 advice line. In particular we’ve found the service works well in
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Grievance meetings
  • Meetings where an impartial third party is needed or advisable
  • Investigation meetings
  • Protected Settlement discussions
  • Welfare visits
  • Medical capability hearings
  • Full (or part) Redundancy procedures
  • Mediation
Peninsula Face2Face acts as an additional safety net for employers, providing added peace of mind and offering a personal presence from an expert in their field, freeing you up to do what you do best – run your business. Having used Peninsula Face2Face once, we’ve found members come back to us repeatedly, which is always a good sign. One said: “I’ll never conduct an employee meeting myself again”.  If any of these situations sound familiar, or if you’re about to face an employment law issue where you feel you need an extra helping hand alongside you in person, then why not call Joseph Kemp, the Head of Peninsula Face2Face on 0161 836 9083 and he’ll talk through the service in more detail.

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