Six ways to make your staff feel more confident

Kate Palmer - HR Advice and Consultancy Director

August 01 2022

Building confidence in your staff is key to your success.

When your staff feel confident at work, they’ll be happier, motivated, and stronger performers overall. This means more results for your business and loyal staff who want to invest as much back into you.

The key to creating confident staff is to…

1. Celebrate their successes

When your staff perform well, let them know.

By celebrating your worker’s successes, you show your appreciation. Staff who feel appreciated are more likely to want to progress within your company.

Your worker’s success is your success, so treat it as such. You could even announce staff successes publicly in a company email or team meeting. Or, you could set up reward and recognition schemes, like employee of the month.

This gives staff an incentive to work hard, and those little nods of recognition go a long way. And staff who feel appreciated and valued will want to stay with you.

2. Regularly review their performance

Regular performance reviews help strengthen the relationship you have with your worker.

By setting aside time to sit down with them, you have a chance to praise your staff’s hard work and address any concerns. This reminds them of their value to the company and tells them support is available if they need it.

Your staff will want to know what they’re doing well and how they can improve. It helps them play to their strengths and work on their weaknesses, which makes it easier for them to progress and achieve their goals.

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3. Play to their strengths

From a performance review, you learn about your worker’s strengths and weaknesses.

When you know your worker’s strengths, you can help them progress in areas they might be better suited to.

You build confidence in your staff when you give them work they enjoy. And they’ll feel more motivated if you give them the opportunity to put their skills into practice.

That way, you’re more likely to get results – and it’s a win-win for you both.

Staff who play to their strengths will be more likely to take on management roles and stay for the long term.

4. Help them learn and develop

It’s important to help staff develop and gain skills.

You might do this by giving them important tasks. This demonstrates your faith in their ability, which helps them build confidence in themselves.

You don’t want to overwhelm your workers with difficult tasks, so give them lots of support. Show that you trust them to handle the responsibility but let them know you’re there if they need a helping hand.

Staff who lack opportunities to develop or use their skills might lose faith in their abilities. You could help them become a key player in your company by enrolling them in training courses. 

Giving your staff an opportunity to learn and develop their skillset is good for you both.

By opening up doors for them, they’ll be able to contribute more and progress within your company, rather than looking for opportunities elsewhere.

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5. Support them if they make mistakes

It’s inevitable that staff will make mistakes from time to time.

Encourage them to take it on the chin. Mistakes are a learning curve and an opportunity for development. If staff are worried you’ll punish them for making a mistake, they might make more mistakes out of stress.

When you take away that fear of failure, staff will feel safer contributing and experimenting.

Let them know that mistakes are okay. It’s all a part of the journey to reaching their full potential. When you support your staff every step of the way, they’ll soon get to the top.

6. Listen to them

Listening is a key leadership skill.

To understand your staff, you need to listen to them.

When you encourage staff to put their ideas on the table, you show them that you hear them and appreciate their input. If your workers feel their ideas are welcome, they’ll be more confident to speak up and show initiative.

More initiative means more innovation – and ultimately, more success.

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