Here’s what I know: now’s the time to tighten your COVID safety measures

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

December 07 2021

We’re back in frustrating territory: a worrying COVID-19 variant has hit the UK.

As the ‘Omicron’ variant causes widespread concern, the government has introduced new measures to tackle the spread. 

Along with a return to face masks on public transport and in shops, there’s also tougher self-isolation rules for travellers returning to the UK.

But even if those changes don’t affect your business, now’s the time to toughen your workplace health & safety measures.


First, taking proactive steps now shows your staff that you prioritise their safety. If this new variant proves to be more dangerous, you’ll know you’ll have done everything in your power to protect them.

But beyond that, acting now means you won’t suffer delays if the government roll out widespread health & safety guidance.

Readjusting to measures like remote work or social distancing can take some getting used to – for both you and your staff. Especially if you’ve relaxed your rules lately and enjoyed a return to ‘normal’…

So, updating your COVID policies now means your workforce will feel ready to embrace any new guidance the moment it comes into force. 

And finally, rolling out stricter safety measures reduces the chance of staff sickness and lengthy isolation and absences. If this variant is more transmissible, it could easily rip through your workplace and lead to multiple employee absences.

Which could leave you short-staffed during your busiest festive rush…

That’s why it makes sense to limit the chance of COVID spreading now – before it’s too late and you’re struggling to meet demand.

Of course, every business is unique, and our consultants have been working hard to find answers for employers all over the UK.

From rolling out remote work to COVID-secure tips, our advisers have plenty of ways to reduce your risk.  And when it comes to updating your risk assessment or creating your policies, you can outsource it all to the UK’s leading consultants.

Want to strengthen your safety measures even further? If you don’t yet outsource your health & safety to Peninsula, you can book a COVID SafeCheck.

After a virtual tour of your premises, you get a detailed report on the safety of your premises and guidance to boost your COVID-safe procedures. This gives staff invaluable peace of mind and keeps them safe. 

So to reduce potential Omicron disruption, book your SafeCheck on 0844 892 2486, or claim expert advice on 0800 028 2420.

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