Here’s what I know: we can help more than ever right now

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

April 06 2021

The streets, parks and city centres are beginning to look busier now as things slowly begin to get back to normal. Much of this is due to the fantastic success of the Government’s vaccination programme as the number of cases and hospital admissions are reducing dramatically on a weekly basis. 

After Easter here at Peninsula group we will be gearing up our phased programme to return all our UK businesses safely back to the office. As a business owner, I’m sure you’ll also be thinking about the best and safest way to get your employees back to work if they aren’t already and considering how to ensure your customers and clients feel protected on your premises. 

Clearly, the more of your employees who have the vaccine, the safer the workplace will be for them, their colleagues and your clients and here at Peninsula we want to help you with that. Since November 2020 we’ve been developing software to enable employers and businesses to monitor vaccine uptake among their employees. We’ve put a huge amount of R&D into the project and invested many hundreds of thousands of pounds on its development.  

Now we are ready to launch VaccTrak Lite as part of our Bright Online service. We are making VaccTrak Lite free with no obligation to all businesses and employers, enabling them to track the progress of vaccinations in their business to reassure customers and staff that their workplace is safe. Sam, one of the Bright team, has put together a video to explain the product and how it works.

Here’s a link to the video:   

View Sam’s video here 

By offering VaccTrak Lite free with no obligation, we believe we are doing our part to help business owners like you get your employees back to work in a safe and efficient way whilst also educating them on the benefits of the vaccine. Our e-learning products will help you to ensure your premises are COVID-safe to boost the confidence of both your employees and customers. 

At Peninsula we can help your business in many ways, and at the moment we can add more value than ever. If you’re gearing up or needing to scale down your workforce as a consequence of the pandemic, you can contact our Employment Law Advice Team. If you’re making your premises COVID-safe as you bring employees and customers back, our health & safety team are here to support you. Or if you want more information on VaccTrak to monitor your employees’ vaccination, contact Jenny Marsden on 0800 783 0339 or at 

Whatever the issue, we can help lighten the load and guide you step by step on best practice throughout this complex and worrying time.  

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