Annual Employment Tribunal Award Statistics Released

Peninsula Team

October 24 2016

The Ministry of Justice has released its annual report of employment tribunal award statistics. The statistics show that the number of tribunal applications has increased for the first time since fees were introduced. The period from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 saw 83,031 applications made to tribunal; compared to 61,308 for 2014/15. The reason for this increase is unknown but it is likely to be linked to the increase in holiday pay claims and equal pay claims. A claim for sex discrimination saw the highest amount of compensation awarded at £1,762,130. There is no cap on awards for discrimination claims and high awards were also made in disability discrimination claims. Although there is a statutory cap on awards for unfair dismissal claims there are exceptions to this and the highest amount awarded where the cap did not apply was £470,865. In total, 658 awards for costs were made at a median award of £1000. The statistics show that more cost awards were made to claimants so many employers are facing an additional £1000 added on to the amount of compensation they have to pay.

  Maximum Award Median Award Average Award
Unfair Dismissal £470,865 £7,332 £13,851
Sex Discrimination £1,762,130 £13,500 £85,622
Disability Discrimination £257,127 £11,309 £21,729
Religious Discrimination £45,490 £16,174 £19,647
Race Discrimination £43,735 £13,760 £14,185
Sexual Orientation Discrimination £20,192 £20,192 £20,192
Age Discrimination £16,263 £8,417 £9,025

The issue of tribunal fees is still contested as the outcome of a review by the Ministry of Justice and Unison’s appeal at the Supreme Court against the dismissal of their challenge against fees are awaited.    

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