Employment tribunal representation guide

09 July 2019

We will provide clients with support before, during and after the employment tribunal process. We live in a litigation society, so employees who feel they have been wronged may find it only too easy to submit a claim to the employment tribunal. Employers need the full support of legal representation, and can benefit from the comprehensive employment tribunal services provided by Peninsula. We also have an insurance policy in place subject to conditions. We will cover any award should the case be lost at employment tribunal. Employment law tribunal services Peninsula’s comprehensive employment tribunal service includes the time-consuming process of researching and preparing your case. It also means our consultant will liaise with the claimant’s representative on your behalf, whether you want to fight the case or agree a settlement. Finally, the legal representation and personal support during the tribunal process will help ease the weight on your mind. Of course, if you’ve followed all our employment law advice and still end up losing the case, your employer insurance policy could cover the award granted as well as the costs incurred by the tribunal.

Legal advice for employers

Our belief as employment law specialists is that prevention is much better than cure. Fulfilling your legal obligations, keeping good records and taking action to address any problems will, of course, help support your case at an employment tribunal; but more importantly, it could prevent a tribunal from occurring in the first place, saving precious resources. It is imperative that our clients contact us for employment law advice in any potentially sticky situation. Advice is available as online guides, by email, or direct from an employment law consultant via our 24 hour employment law advice line. Whether you think TUPE regulations might apply, you need to deal with workplace bullying, you want to end statutory sick pay for an employee or you simply want to dismiss someone, it is much wiser to seek Peninsula’s legal advice before you tackle these problems, rather than after, when the damage may already be done.

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