Here’s what I know: good leaders care about inclusivity

Peter Done: Group Managing Director and Founder

July 05 2022

A lot of companies say they embrace diversity but diversity is not the same as inclusivity. And every business leader needs to know the difference…

You should strive for diversity in the workplace, but inclusivity is how you maintain it.

An inclusive workplace makes all workers feel accepted and comfortable. There’s no bias. No discrimination. Employers recognise and celebrate their staff’s differences and there are equal opportunities for all.

In the digital age, companies are often guilty of tokenism. They tweet about being inclusive, but it takes a lot more than a quote on social media to be an inclusive company. It needs to be the bones of your organisation – or it’s not going to work.

Good leaders know that inclusivity goes hand in hand with a positive work culture; one where staff can be their authentic and best selves at work. They challenge their unconscious biases and commit themselves to finding and retaining the highest quality talent.

Good leaders know that failing to be inclusive means they’ll be limiting themselves in this search, so they do what they can to be accessible. They knock down any potential barriers in their application process, so they find the person who’s right for the role.

The bottom line is: your workplace should help staff feel like they belong. It should encourage them to open up, share their ideas, and believe in themselves – like you want them to believe in you.

Studies have found that staff who feel included are more engaged, more committed, and more likely to stay with the company.

So, be fair in how you recruit, promote, and treat your staff. And back it up with watertight policies and contracts. For HR advice or documentation support, your dedicated advisers are just a phone call away. Because with Peninsula, we want you to help you be the best leader and stay safe from risk in the meantime.

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