Accident investigation

09 July 2019

Every incident causing injury should be considered for the potential for similar or more serious injuries, and measures should be put in place to prevent a recurrence. The extent of the consideration given to each injury should reflect the potential for more serious injuries or damage to plant and equipment. Incidents involving serious injuries or with the potential for serious injury should receive an in-depth investigation. Your investigation report may help to protect you from a spurious personal injury claim made many months later. Claimants have a two year period, extendable to three years in some cases, to initiate a claim. Defending a claim that has not been investigated until three years after the alleged event is a very difficult task. Investigation reports, particularly those that are thorough and are acted upon, will also demonstrate to enforcing authorities that you actively manage health and safety and aim to prevent injury. This may act in your favour should formal enforcement action be considered by a health and safety inspector.  

  See also: Accident Records: Accident Reporting.

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