Visitor records for health & safety management

09 July 2019

For the effective management of health and safety and fire safety it is important to know who is on your premises and where they can be found. Our clients receive a Visitors Book which can be used to record details of each visitor, including the date and time of the visit, who they are meeting, who they represent and car registration details. Employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of not only their employees, but everybody on their premises; temporary or agency workers, suppliers, customers, the general public, and of course visitors. In any company with five employees or more, the employer has a duty to create a formal health and safety policy. This must include provisions for:

  • Ensuring the presence of a first aid kit and practitioner
  • Making all equipment and materials safe to work with
  • Providing the right safety equipment and emergency procedures
  • Carrying out a risk assessment
  • Reporting any accidents or incidents to the relevant authorities
  • Ensuring a clean, well-ventilated, and comfortable working environment

Peninsula clients can get help with any aspect of formulating a safety policy, and can access invaluable health and safety resources with the BusinessWise advice centre. Documentation such as visitors safety records and accident reports can also be provided. Health and Safety prosecution Due to the serious nature of health and safety, failing (or being accused of failing) to keep employees and the public safe can result in a criminal prosecution. That is why it is essential to obtain Peninsula professional assistance. Preparing for every eventuality Peninsula's employer insurance means your company can be prepared for every eventuality. It provides peace of mind in case you are ever served with tribunal papers.

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