Hair dressing and beauty salons

09 July 2019
Workers and clientele in hairdressers and beauty salons face a number of potential hazards from the range of treatments that they provide. The employer and the person in control of the business have responsibilities for ensuring that no-one’s health or safety is at risk. In addition to the everyday hazards faced by workers specific hazards and risks faced by hairdressers and beauticians include;
  • dermatitis due to hands being in water frequently and inadequate drying
  • respiratory sensitisation from chemicals used in colouring and other products;
  • minor cuts and burns from scissors and heated styling equipment;
  • musculoskeletal problems from leaning, bending, stooping etc. during treatments
  • allergic reactions (staff and clients) to products.
  • inadequate sterilisation of re-usable equipment;
  • inadequate disposal of needles, cotton wool and other disposable products;
  • inadequate cleaning procedures for the premises.
  • inadequate training of staff carrying out skin piercing, electrolysis and waxing
  • inadequate disposal of sharps.
  • exposure to harmful levels of ultra violet light from sunbeds

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