Machinery risk assessment

09 July 2019

Any workplace or business which contains machinery will have to undertake regular machinery risk assessment to ensure the safety of their workers. This process reduces the chance of accidents or injury at work, protecting both the business and the employees from harm. Each form of machinery has its own dangers and safety regulations, meaning it is important to pay full attention to the possible risks of each individual piece of machinery. Along with checking the actual machinery itself, there are also a large number of forms which must be filled out to comply with health and safety legislation. Peninsula can provide machinery risk assessment templates for these forms, saving much of the time and hard work that goes into completing such paperwork correctly.

Safety training from Peninsula

In addition to providing assistance with machinery risk assessment in the workplace, Peninsula also offer bespoke health and safety training courses. These courses can ensure all workers are well trained and knowledgeable in every relevant area of health and safety. These courses ensure that an employers health and safety responsibilities are being carried out correctly. By completing one of these courses and making use of the machinery risk assessment templates on offer, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your business is doing everything it can to keep your employees safe. Contact Peninsula today on, or request a call-back at a time convenient for you through our website. From organising a health and safety training session to further details on how to receive a machinery risk assessment template, one of our experienced and helpful advisors will be on hand to assist in any way possible.

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