Office risk assessment template for COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions lift, it’s for your business to have a coronavirus-based office risk assessment. This is based on the UK government’s guidelines.

It’s not a legal requirement to do so, but it’s good business practice to ensure the health & safety of your workforce.

And here we’re offering a free office risk assessment template. You can download it directly from this page.

But don’t forget, if you need any help you can get in touch for immediate answers to your questions: 0800 028 2420.

Some basics about your office-based risk assessment

The idea for the inspection is to make sure you identify hazards around your building. And then put in control measures to limit the risks associated with the virus.

The HSE office risk assessment is one example—it allows you to tailor your requirements around a tool on offer.

But as an overview of an office risk assessment, the process involves common activities such as identifying:

  • The potential for infection in your office.
  • Busy areas in and around your premises, such as bathrooms and the canteen.
  • Locations where maintaining a two-metre gap may prove difficult.
  • How to manage visitors arriving at your office.
  • The new hygiene standards you need.

With this office risk assessment example, you can download a template that’ll take you through the steps you need to identify the above.

From your findings, you can then consider the control measures you need to put in place across your office.

In most instances, this’ll involve social distancing rules and new hygiene standards (for your premises and employees).

How to use this template

You can easily access this office risk assessment form COVID-19. Simply click the “download” icon and enter a few details.

You’ll then have immediate access to what your inspection should involve.

Our office risk assessment template for coronavirus provides the steps your office assessor will need to consider.

However, do keep in mind that you should modify the form to meet your business’ specific requirements.

Every workplace is different, so you need to take into consideration the chance of infection based on your office environment.

Remember, your office risk assessment for COVID-19 will only prove effective if you act on its findings.

So, once you’re aware of the control measures you need, you should discuss how to put them in place in your office.  

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