Infographic: Menopause statistics every employer should know

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October 06 2022

Menopause has a major impact in workplaces all over the UK. With rising resignations and absences, employers face tough consequences for not supporting their staff through menopause.

It’s never been more important to take menopause seriously at work.

And here’s why…

Don’t let your staff be statistics…

With menopause-related tribunals and resignations rising sharply, the need for more workplace support is obvious.

But what isn’t so obvious, is how you can do that – especially if you don’t have a dedicated HR department.

That’s why so many small businesses choose Peninsula to manage their HR. When you're a Peninsula client, you enjoy peace of mind with:

  • Unlimited HR advice – so you can always speak to a qualified consultant for tips on preventing resignations and providing menopause support.
  • Policies and paperwork – a team of employment law experts will craft all your staff contracts and company policies, including a menopause policy.
  • Legal cover – if you do face a tribunal claim, you won’t have to face the financial or emotional burden - you’re already covered with start-to-finish legal support and insurance.
  • Employee Assistance Programme - give your staff unlimited access to wellbeing support, so they have the tools to manage tough mental and physical symptoms.

Call now on 0800 028 2420 for a free consultation today.

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