How our Payroll Advice Service can benefit employers

Peninsula Team

September 21 2015

Payroll may seem straightforward, but there are a number of things that can easily go wrong, causing major headaches for employers. At Peninsula, we have a dedicated team of payroll experts who are on hand to answer and provide solutions to all your payroll queries. On a daily basis our payroll team deals with numerous red tape issues including statutory sick pay, PAYE and tax codes. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the issues we deal with and provide solutions to, with our team demonstrating the ability to provide tailored advice no matter how big or small your payroll query is. To give you a clearer overview of what our payroll team encounter during an average working day, one of our payroll experts has provided a summary of a day in the life of our payroll team. Today is a Tuesday, one of our clients rang us asking to work out SSP for an employee who works 3 days a week. I worked out how much SSP was due to the employee for the 4 weeks he was off sick and covered by a sick note. The absence looked as though it would be a long term ailment, so I also advised the client when the statutory sick pay would stop for this employee, to avoid our client paying more than is necessary under HMRC statute. I also assisted the client with working out the Company Sick Pay entitlements due for employees who were entitled to this benefit. The payroll team can also work out to the penny amounts of Statutory Maternity , Statutory Paternity Pay or Shared Parental Leave Payments due to employees, as well as working out if an employee is actually entitled to these statutory payments. One of our clients called us to ask how much Statutory Maternity Pay they could reclaim. We advised them that as their total National Insurance bill for the last tax year was under £45,000, that they could claim back 103% of the SMP paid put to the employee as opposed to the standard 92%; in this way I saved the client more money than they expected to save. Another client rang us to help them work out a termination payment for an employee. I worked out the statutory redundancy pay due, the pay in lieu of notice payment due, and the amount of accrued unused holiday pay due to the employee. Additionally, I was able to assist the client with which elements of the termination package are subject to tax and National Insurance, and the elements that are tax and National Insurance free. I also assisted them with how to correctly pro-rata car allowance payment, due to the fact the employee was being terminated part-way through the month. Businesses needn’t tackle payroll issues alone. Peninsula's trained payroll experts are available between 9am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Call us on 0844 892 2772 (option 3) for friendly and helpful advice and solutions to common payroll issues.    

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