How your client benefits

HR and health & safety support are costly for small businesses. However, not having these resources increases legal risks, which can cost much more in the end. The last thing they need is extra paperwork, legal fees, or employment claims. Our team at Peninsula ensures employers have sufficient coverage for themselves and their employees, with all legal obligations up to standard.

At a fixed monthly rate, small businesses gain access to employer documents and templates, and professional HR and health & safety advice. They also get online employee management tools—and all at a fraction of what it would cost to hire in-house experts. We provide ongoing support for when the unexpected happens, enabling small business owners to concentrate only on expanding.

How your business wins

As our partner, you can earn a fee for every referral that becomes a Peninsula client. There is no limit as to how many and you do not need to actively sell, nor make any financial commitment. We appreciate a simple introduction to your clients that both shares your success with our services and explains how they could also work for them.


Share in our success

Get started on your referrals. Find out how you can get rewarded for recommending a business to us. We look forward to growing with you!

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