Webinars/Ask the expert - Your Health & Safety questions answered

Ask the expert - Your Health & Safety questions answered

This webinar answers questions such as:

Do I have to do a risk assessment for all my employee's desks?

Do my Staff have to do Manual Handling Training?

Do I have to supply PPE?

Do I have to report an accident to my insurance?

When sharing H&S materials with employees - eg. safety handbooks, risk assessments, e-training links, safety statements etc - is it enough to send by email and get a read receipt, or does the employee need to provide some sort of acknowledgement of understanding?

Are covid risk assessments still required and do Staff have to isolate?

Who is responsible for the fire drill General Manager or Health and Safety Officer?

What are employers' responsibilities regarding insurance specifically with staff working from home / remote working?

Do you need Health & Safety Representatives within an organisation?

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